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10 Steps of a Rhino Shield Application

Wondering what it is like to paint your home for the last time?  Below, we show you every step involved so you can virtually experience the entire process.  You will learn how the Rhino Shield coating is done properly and the quality materials involved to get the job done right.  The steps below represent the typical application method a professional paint contractor would use to apply the Rhino Shield product.  Please note, every home is unique and some steps may be done differently or additional steps may be required.

1. Thorough Inspection

It is critically important that a thorough inspection is done to determine the condition of the underlying substrates and what work will be needed. A plan is created to accomplish the work.

2. Repair

If you would like we can replace or repair damaged wood.

3. Sanding and Scraping

All loose paint on wood surfaces is removed by scraping and any remaining paint is sanded by hand or machine.

4. Caulking

Once the wood surfaces have been scraped and sanded, filling of cracks, small holes in the wood, caulk around all windows and door casings to prevent moisture from invading the coating through these areas.

5. Masking

US Rhino Shield Dealer Paint Contractor of the Year 2022All areas which are not to be coated are masked off, covered, or temporarily removed (such as lighting fixtures, mailboxes, drainpipes, utility boxes, etc.) Special attention is given to plants, lawns, decks, windows, and other areas prone to overspray.

6. Priming

All areas with raw wood are first coated with an oil based primer. Then the application of our proprietary solid coat Rhino-Shield First Coat / Adhesive Primer Sealer to act as a bonding agent to make the finish coat stay on your home without cracking or peeling.

7. Apply the finish coat

At last, after all the prep work and priming is completed, the proprietary Rhino-Shield Ceramic Coating is applied.

8. Detail finish touch-up

After the final finish coat is applied, detailed touch ups are done on the exterior such as windows, awnings, etc., and then remove all masking materials.

Arizona RS Employees9. Clean up job site

The goal of the contractor is to make your home look as best as possible. Great pride in giving each customer a full, thorough, and detailed cleanup to return the job site to its original condition, if not better.

10. Final Inspection

The project is not done until you’re completely satisfied with the work!

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