Stucco Repair in Arizona

rain or shine rhino shield protectsStucco repair is a common home improvement project in Arizona due to the popularity of stucco and to the state’s hot, dry climate. Stucco is a type of plaster used for exterior walls and other surfaces, and it provides insulation from extreme temperatures as well as protection from rain and dust, which makes it a great coating for Arizona exteriors.  You can’t just apply stucco paint coatings, you have to properly repair and bond stucco cracks first. 

Stucco can be easily damaged by the tough Arizona sun, water or pests such as termites, which makes regular maintenance essential for any homeowner living in Arizona. To ensure that your stucco remains strong and intact throughout the year, you should consider hiring an experienced stucco repair contractor who has a product you can be confident will withstand the elements and eliminate your stucco repair cycle in the future. DIY Stucco Repair can be a daunting project, and if one area of stucco needs fixing, the rest of the stucco coating is the same age and has experienced the same elements!  Rhino Shield will use our expertise to properly prepare the surface, bond, seal and protect your stucco.

Why Does Stucco Need to be Repaired?

stucco exterior crackingArizona is filled with exteriors made out of stucco. Stucco basically consists of water, cement, lime, and salt. It often fades and accumulates dirt and dust with its porous surface. It is also known to crack when foundations settle or in time due to extreme heat. Cracks and imperfections can occur in time as the stucco ages. As time goes by, the coating ages and these minor issues often become major eye sores and also openings for water and bugs.

Repair Stucco with Rhino Shield Coating

Stucco repair is necessary when extreme weather and time damage an exterior or cracks form when a home settles. Sadly, stucco contractors usually paint over the problem, leaving unsightly cracks that can even allow moisture to seep in. At Rhino Shield, we repair stucco the right way by starting with an inspection that reveals any imperfections. Once identified, we begin our stucco repair process and seal them using our innovative stucco paint coating process.

25 year transferable warranty on home exterior paintBut that’s just the start of it. After repairing your stucco, we apply our Rhino Shield exterior coating to protect and maintain its great look. Our coating can help prevent future cracks. It creates a water resistant, soundproof, insulating barrier with formula using ceramic microspheres, not fillers, ensuring optimal protection for your Arizona Stucco. It Bonds, Seals and Protects your Stucco for many years to come!

Your home should look great for more than just a few years. With Rhino Shield, you won’t have to deal with exterior painting again for another 25 years! Let us make sure your stucco repair and painting is done right. Contact us today!


sedona az after stucco repair and painting
Sedona Area Home with Rhino Shield

Are You in Need of Stucco Repair and Paint?

Residential Stucco Repair

Your home exterior is in need of stucco repair? If you are ready for something long-term, not temporary, it’s time to call Rhino Shield. We’ve done thousands of stucco home exterior repair and painting projects all over the country.  

Trust your home to the experts at Rhino Shield of Arizona.



phoenix business exterior stucco repair and paint
Phoenix Area Business after Stucco Repair and Rhino Shield Coating

Commercial Building Stucco Repair

If it’s a commercial building exterior in need of stucco repair, we’ve got you covered! After utilizing Rhino Shield of Arizona, your commercial investment will now include the peace of mind that you have a no-maintenance exterior and 25 Year Transferable Warranty!

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