Rhino Shield’s Exclusive Exterior Paint Coating Contractor in Mesa, AZ

Rhino Shield Paint a House, Shield Your HomeRhino Shield is an exterior paint contractor company that offers the best paint coating for your home or office exterior in Mesa AZ. Better than traditional house paint, Rhino Shield utilizes advanced elastomeric materials including ceramic microspheres for the proprietary coatings. This paint coating contains a high solid content and completely bonds, seals and protects the substrate surface. By creating this barrier between your exterior substrate and the elements, your exterior surface becomes resistant to mold, mildew, harmful sun rays, wind, rain and snow. 

Our paint coatings are far more durable than traditional paint, since it won’t peel, flake, or fade. In fact, we back our coatings with a 25 year warranty, so you can have peace of mind that you won’t need to have your AZ home painted again! This is a guarantee that you won’t get from other exterior painting companies.

Exterior Painting Contractor in Mesa, AZ

There are many painting contractor choices in Aguila, but there is only one Rhino Shield in Mesa. As the exclusive dealer of Rhino Shield in the area, we take great pride in providing a superior paint coating product then traditional painting services can offer.  Since 2000, Rhino Shield has been protecting home and business exteriors across the country and the globe. 

The Best Exterior Paint in Mesa, AZ

If you are looking for something better than traditional house paint and want to break the 5 to 7 year painting cycle for your exterior in Mesa, then Rhino Shield is for you.  We offer a better alternative to the paint that’s been used for hundreds of years on home and business exteriors. Mesa homes are exposed to some rough elements, and Rhino Shield is built to last through those.


The Best Paint Coating for Stucco Exteriors in Mesa, AZ

rain or shine rhino. shield protectsRhino Shield’s incredible properties are excellent for bonding, sealing and protecting Stucco homes in Mesa for many years to come.  Stucco tends to flake and crack with the elements, while Rhino Shield expands and contracts and protects your stucco exterior like no other paint coating. 

Exterior Ceramic Paint Coatings in Mesa, AZ

Rhino Shield is the best Ceramic Coating for your Mesa exterior.  It’s Rhino Shield’s ceramic microspheres that give it isn’t incredibly tough bonding and protection properties. While ceramics are relatively new to the paint coating world, Rhino Shield’s proven that they are incredible valuable in creating protective surfaces over the past 20+ Years.microspheres in ceramic paint coating

Elastomeric Paint Coatings for Mesa Homes and Business Exteriors

Elastomerics give Rhino Shield its incredible ability to expand and contract over time and through the changes weather and through harsh elements.  Rhino Shield’s proprietary elastomeric coating is superior to any other elastomeric paint available in AZ, and we stand behind that statement with our incredible warranty – the Best in Mesa!

Mesa’s Best Exterior Paint Warranty – 25 Years

25 year transferable warrantyWith Rhino Shield’s incredible 25 year transferable warranty, it’s a great choice whether you are selling or staying in your Mesa home or business long-term. 

Rhino Shield offers a transferable 25-year warranty against cracking, chipping, or peeling. Upon completion and final payment of your installation, you will receive a written copy of your warranty. That warranty can be transferred to a succeeding homeowner subject to the transfer procedures noted in your warranty.

Should a valid warranty claim be submitted, we will provide service labor subject to the labor terms of your warranty sufficient to remedy the problem. Replacement products will be provided by Rhino Shield for your Mesa exterior.

Choose Your Favorite Color on Your New Rhino Shield Exterior Paint Coating in Mesa

color_wheelRhino Shield ceramic coating can be tinted to virtually any color using high grade paint tints. You’ll be sure to get the exact color you are looking for with the help of our friendly salesperson in AZ.

Check out how Rhino Shield would look on your home in different colors here: http://main.rhinoshield.renoworks.com/


Rhino Shield and AZ Exterior Options – Better House and Building Paint Coatings

Mesa Exterior House Paint Coatings

Rhinoshield AZ Gilbert Home CoatingWho needs to worry your property’s every day maintenance. Rhino Shield’s residential coatings for AZ provide an absolutely superior coating that looks like traditional latex paint but that will keep your Mesa property looking great for at least the next 25 years, guaranteed. That’s over two decades of no more painting, no more exterior wall maintenance, lower energy costs, and peace of mind knowing that your home is well taken care of.

Rhino Shield stands behind the quality of our product. We pair this top-quality coating with the best customer service and skilled professionals, so that you have a superior product applied by the industry’s leading painters.

Paint a House, Shield Your Mesa Home!


Mesa Commercial, Office and Industrial Exterior Paint Coatings

office commercial building exterior paint coatingsYou have spent considerable time and money making your business in AZ successful, but what about the building that houses your business? Its outward appearance affects your company’s image with customers and employees. Frequent exterior maintenance like repainting is expensive, time-consuming, inconvenient, and can interrupt day-to-day operations of commercial and industrial properties in Mesa.

Luckily, Rhino Shield offers a permanent solution to exterior painting and wall coating maintenance. Our products are ideal for:

  • Retail
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Hotels
  • Professional buildings
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Warehouses
  • Roofs

Rhino Shield dealers are experienced with commercial and industrial exterior building installations. We understand the complexities of the commercial market including minimizing business and manufacturing interruption. On large projects, we can perform installation work during off-hours at night. We carry all the required liability and indemnity insurance and have excellent commercial references to share.

When it’s time to take your Mesa area business or industrial building to a maintenance-free exterior, call Rhino Shield of AZ.

Rhino Shield paint coating lasts

Painting Contractors Near You in Mesa

BBB A plus rating paint contractorThere are many options for you to get your house or commercial building painted in Mesa, but as you can see, there is only one Rhino Shield in AZ.  As the exclusive dealer in Mesa, we are exited at the opportunity to help you achieve a maintenance-free home exterior!  Your neighbors will be envious of your new, great looking Rhino Shield exterior.  And you’ll enjoy the look and worry free feeling for many, many years to come!

Call us today for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate!


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