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Rhino Shield is the leading House Paint Contractor offering Permanent Exterior Paint Coatings for your Home or Office Exterior.  Break the painting cycle and go no-maintenance with your home or building exterior with Rhino Shield.


Rhino Shield’s Benefits Include:

  • Exterior Ceramic, Elastomeric Coating so You Never Have to Paint Again
  • Beautiful Exterior in the Color You Desire
  • 25 Year Transferable Warranty

What makes Rhino Shield so Unique?

  • It reflects 90% of the Sun’s Rays
  • It’s the only COATING company to be chosen by Disney, HGTV Curb Appeal and This Old House
  • 45+ Dealerships (Domestic & International) = Strength to Back Your Lifetime Warranty!
  • Over a Decade of Installations & Thousands of Satisfied Customers
  • Independently Tested via BASF labs to not Chip, Peel or Crack
  • It’s highly Breathable & Class A Fire Rated

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How It Works

Rhino Shield’s unique, elastomeric properties give it incredible advantages over traditional exterior paint products. See an interactive explanation of each on our “How it Works” page.

The Rhino Shield Process

Rhino Shield works because it’s a home exterior system, it’s not just paint.  Our outstanding product and our professional installers make sure that your home or business exterior is done right.  We are there for you every step, learn more about the process below.

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Visit our Request an Estimate page to Get Started. We offer free estimates and would love to discuss our experience with your application and how we can help you break the paint cycle.

2020 Dealer of the Year awards for Rhino Shield House painters

Multi-Layer Paint Coating of Protection in AZ

Rhino Shield Seals, Insulates and Protects Your Home from the Harsh Arizona Environment.  Learn more about this incredible home exterior coating.

25 Year Warranty


for your arizona home exterior

rhino shield comes in any color


The beautifully colored Arizona home you’ve always wanted is available with Rhino Shield.  Your Rhino Shield representative will walk you through the process to an incredible home exterior look… that lasts!

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